The rich, rhythmic and highly graceful dance form


Ghoomar, the totally feminine and elegant dance was performed on all occasions – religious, social as well as at family festivities. Being a dance of women, it was performed only in the “Zanana” – the ladies section of the Rajput houses. And thus remained unseen by the masses. Not surprisingly today, Ghoomar is facing the danger of extinction. It is to meet this challenge, that Late H. H. Rajmata Govardhan Kumariji of Santrampur [Padmashree Awardee] in year 1986 established “The Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy”, despite all odds. Being the princess of Kishangarh, the famous erstwhile state of Rajasthan, she had ample of opportunity to learn and preserve it, she had researched all the different aspects of Ghoomar over the years.

A staunch believer of authenticity, she made no compromises on the movements, lyrics as well as the musical support. To the extent that even today the accompanists for the Academy are musicians from remote villages of Rajasthan and the singers were trained by the legendary Late Gori Bai. The songs, rendered by female singers have saarangi, nagara, Dhol and shehnai for accompaniment. She got the traditional costumes and jewelry made for the academy. Academy members follow all the protocols set by her. Its mandatory to follow the rules to follow in process of preserving the authenticity.

Through her academy she opened the doors of zanana to the masses and gave the glimpses of the beautiful dance form performed by princesses and queens of Rajasthan. Her aim was to let the world know how beautifully the Princesses and Queens danced, and revive the distorted form to its original authentic form. She always welcomed everyone who was interested to learn the authentic form of Ghoomar. Academy does not run any classes. She conducted workshops for different organisations to reach everyone. She her self Never charged any money to teach the students who would join her academy. Rajmata sahiba in colaboration with Late Mrs Vimla Mohta staged dance ballets Like Koyaldi, Maa Karni, Suraj Tharo Mukh Dekhyan Sukh Paaun, Meera and Ganga. All portraying the Traditional cultural aspects of Rajasthan.

Dance is not a competition...

It is Merging with Existence

Rajmata Goverdan Kamarriji named her academy “Gangaur” the festival when Ghoomar is performed with all its festivity and beauty. From a humble beginning in 1986, the Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy has come a long way. Apart from numerous other awards, Rajmata sahiba was honoured by Padmashree in year 2007 to preserve and revive Ghoomar. Goverment of India recognises the academy and its authenticity. hence has registered it with ICCR and West zone cultural Center. It has several students who learnt under Rajmata Sahiba and several successful performances to her credit, both within India and abroad.
Sudden demise of H.H. Rajmata Govardhan Kumari in 2013 put the academy to a stand still for sometime. Ms Jyothi D Tommaar, Asst Director of the Academy, and an accomplished Ghoomar dancer herself (trained under the tutelage of Late HH Rajmata Govardhan Kumariji since 1988) has been running the academy. A promise made to Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali, by Rajmata Sahiba herself, Jyothi D Tommaar trained Deepika Padukone for Ghoomar song in film Padmaavat.
Academy is trying its best to take Rajmata sahiba’s wish forward and conduct more and more workshops in association with different organisations in order to fulfill the dream she saw.