Hetal Joshi

Hetal joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in the year 1988. A born dancer and a singer, she shaped up as a fine  Ghoomar dancer under Late H.H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji’s training. She has traveled with the academy worldwide representing India and Authentic Ghoomar. She even acted in play ‘Eva Mumbai ma chaal jaiye’ directed by Feroz Abbas Khan.
A versatile homemaker, Hetal currently is conducting workshops and shows with the academy.

Hemani Pandya

Hemani joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in 1988. She is a professional translator /interpreter in Russian language, Certified yoga teacher and a Farmer by heart . She is Passionate about growing “Her Organic food forest”. An Environmentalist, Hemani was trained by H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji. She travels with the academy at every possible opportunity to perform/conduct workshops in India and Abroad.

Divya Naithani

Divya’s first exposure to Late H.H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji and her academy was when she was in the 10th std. She casually started picking up the melodious songs unknowingly but being a Science student in college, didn’t formally join the academy until her graduation.
Mumbai University Gold medalist in Botany-Biochemistry, Divya started formally learning from Rajmatasa in 1994. It was thanks to Rajmatasa’s immense encouragement that she started paying attention to her singing, along with learning the dances.
Rajmatasa was very happy when Divya took to Yoga and Personal Counselling and always encouraged her to continue doing the same. Divya was the Yoga Teacher and Personal Counsellor at Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepare for 7 years and currently is with Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute since the last 15 years. She is also an empanelled examiner for certifying teachers under Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Modiji’s initiative and is a senior teacher with the 100 year old Yoga Institute, Mumbai.
She has travelled across the world with the academy spreading the authentic ghoomar and continues doing the same at any possible opportunity.

Bhakti Bhukhanwala

Bhakti, currently working as the HOD- Response Dept in K11 Academy of fitness sciences did her Graduation in commerce. She was blessed to be neighbour of the Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji in Mumbai, and has ample amount of memories of her time spent with Rajmatasa. She would be amused looking at the academy members coming for practice, going through strict dance training, restoring every piece of Costumes and Jewellery under Rajmatasa’s guidance. Traditional music and dance form attracted her so much that in the year 1998 at the age of 18 she finally joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy. Now, all she had seen in her childhood was formally taught to her by Rajmatasa. Bhakti has been part of the academy since 20 years, for more than 100 shows and workshops, and travels with the academy world over.

Neelu Bhargav

Neelu joined the academy in year 1998 while she was still studying. Her keen interest in dance attracted her to join the academy. Late H.H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji’s guidance and training fine tuned her and made her a better dancer. She joined her family business post her B com. Currently she has a boutique of her own, which she opened after her marriage. While she keeps busy with her boutique, its been 20 years and her journey still continues. She finds time for her dance and travels along with the academy in every possible opportunity.

Trupti Dave

Trupti is a trained Bharatnatiyam dancer. She joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in the year 1999. A Rajasthani brahmin born and brought in Mumbai, Trupti had a complete different perception of Ghoomar until she joined the academy. Learning the authentic form from Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji opened up new horizons to Rajasthan and its Rajputana culture to her. A homemaker and settled in Ahmedabad, Trupti keeps traveling with the academy for workshops and dance performances globally.

Kashmira Dhanjani

Kashmira joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in the year 1999, while she was still in her junior college. Being a rajasthani brahmin her approach towards ghoomar changed completely when she started her training with Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji. It’s been a 20 year journey since then. She has traveled globally with the academy performing, promoting the authentic dance form and conducting workshops.
Apart from being part of the academy, she has done Masters in Marketing Management and is Working currently as a media professional with Radio City.

Jalpa Mehta

Jalpa, a commerce graduate and a trained Bharatnatiyam dancer, joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in year the 1999. While finishing her education, Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji trained her in Ghoomar. A commercial secretary diploma holder, she would take leave from her job and not let go of any opportunity to travel with the academy to perform, conduct workshops in India and abroad. Currently a homemaker and settled in Surat, Jalpa joins the academy members at every possible opportunity to perform and conduct workshops.

Shetal Lotia

High spirited Shetal joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy in 1999.
It’s easy to locate her when there is music playing somewhere. Dance is food for her.  Trained in Ghoomar by the Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji, she found soul in her dancing. in Biochemistry, she currently works as an Assistant Manager in the Clinical Trials Unit at Novartis India Pvt Limited. She has traveled across the world performing and conducting workshops with the academy and still finds time to continue the same.

Tanvi Bhatt

Tanvi pursued Visharad in Bharatnatyam. Her keen interest in dance brought her to learn Ghoomar from the best. MBA in marketing and trained by Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji in Ghoomar, she balanced her work at HDFC Bank in corporate office for 8 years and still travels with academy across the world.
Currently a homemaker, she continues her journey with academy since 1999.

Mansi Trivedi

Mansi, a qualified Chartered Accountant, persued her hobbies of singing and dancing by getting trained for the same. She took training for 8 years in Bharatnatyam and also 5 years training in Hindustani Classical Vocals from Ajivasan registered under Prayag University.
In 2004, she joined Gangaur Ghoomar Dance Academy and was trained by Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji. She has been part of the academy since then and has been travelling worldwide with the academy. Currently working in Mumbai as an HOD-Procurement, she continues her journey with the academy.

Tejaswini Tomaar

At the age of two year two months she got her first opportunity to share the stage with the academy members in Kolkata in dance ballet,”Maa Karni”. While accompanying her mother to workshops she got to learn Ghoomar the traditional way – observing the elders, dancing with them and getting corrected by the elders. Above all, Late H.H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji guided and encouraged her to dance her heart out and be the part of the academy.
An English literature graduate, Twenty-two year old Tejaswini joined the academy post her graduation. She travels with the academy, participating in workshops and shows.

Padmini DS Tomaar

Padmini, is the youngest member of the academy. Late H. H. Rajmata Goverdhan Kumariji saw the dancer in her and let her perform on stage while she was still learning how to walk. At the age of One year five months she performed with the academy members in the dance ballet ‘Suraj tharo mukh dekhyan sukh paaun’ in Kolkata, and never looked back. While she traveled along with her mother for workshops and shows, Rajmata Sa would keep interest in how she picked the dances just by looking at the students learning and guided her where she would go wrong. Apart from learning Ghoomar, to expand the horizons of the dancer within, she took formal training in Odissi, Kuchipudi along with western dance forms like Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Afro, House, amongst others.

She is currently learning Kathak at Late Pandit Gopikrishna ji’s institute and she travels with the academy for workshops and shows.